Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm in a dream world.

So I'm finally in a good place. I'm talking to someone who I really care for, deeply. I've actually blogged about him before, so this is some what of a fairy tale for me. The crappy part is were in two different states. lol, which is no surprise to some of my close friends. They know how hard it is for me to find someone that I'm actually interested in here in my hometown.
So, yeah. He's different though, cliche I know, he makes me happy from miles away.
When I go to bed, I don't feel lonely, regardless of the fact that I am alone. In the post before this one I spoke a little about how I'm always playing the hero in my past relationships. This time he's my hero.

He's there when I need him to be. And although we have had a few arguments, well not really arguments; they were more misinterpretations; misunderstandings if you will, the connection we feel for each other never fades or yields.
I almost forgot how to feel like that for someone.

It's amazing how we almost fit together. Like two pieces of a puzzle.
He's what I want to be and more. He's smart, he's good looking, he's confident,
modest, sensitive(which he denies being) yet tough. He's my superman.
Yup...So I'm happy.